FurEver Family Pet Services

Providing Loving Pet Care When You’re Not There!

You shouldn’t have to worry about the health and happiness of your pets – or lining up friends, family and neighbors when you are wanting to go on vacation, sneak out of town for a few hours or even working a long day. Pets are happiest when they are in their own homes. FurEver Family allows you to let them stay in their own safe environment even when you can’t be there.

I LOVE animals. Always have and always will. And after 18 years of being a 911 Emergency Dispatcher I decided to retire my headset and turn to my true passion – Animal Care.

When I was just a year old, my father bought me a horse for my birthday. The rest is history. I was the young kindergartner who raised their hand wanting to take home the chicks we had hatched in class…and my poor father was the one in the basement at 3am building the new chicken coop. Throughout school, there were many a field trip to our home to visit the chickens, rabbits, fish, dogs and cats that we had on our ‘urban’ farm.

Serving parts of Multnomah and Clackamas Counties.
Business OwnerAmy Baker Schultz
Phone503 464 6877
Zip Codes Served97015, 97027, 97034, 97035, 97036, 97045, 97068, 97086, 97202, 97206, 97219, 97222, 97236, 97266, 97267, 97269

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