I am a bonded/ insured and licensed Oregon veterinary nurse with many years caring for pets in veterinary clinics and as a pet sitter. I have a degree in veterinary nursing and I am now working  exclusively as a dog walker and pet  sitter and I am available to walk or sit your pets.  I provide professional  loving care to your pet dogs and cats and exotic pets such as birds. Also I provide:
~In-Home pet sitting including 24 hour pet sits
~ Fun Dog walking
~Athletic Dog Treks
~Senior Pet Rambles
~Potty breaks and clean up
~Dog Park Visits
~Kitty Play time like feather chasing
~Litter box maintenance
  If you would like more information about me and want to discuss my  qualifications contact me at [email protected] or visit my website at fursurepet.com
I provide references and background check results on request
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Business Owner Catherine Montague
Phone 503-547-9649
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