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Why Hire a Pet Sitter?

Advantages for your pets:

  • Your pets stay safe and comfortable in his or her familiar environment, with all the usual smells and sounds.
  • A customary diet and exercise routine
  • No need for transport to and from boarding facility
  • Minimal exposure to illnesses of other animals
  • Most important, your pets receive love and personal attention, while you are away

Advantages for you:

  • You don’t need to transport your pets to for boarding.
  • Your home is made more secure by the crime-deterrent measures provided by most pet sitting services.
  • While you are away, you can feel confident your pets are in capable loving hands.

Additional services provided by most pet sitters:

  • Plant care (outdoor and indoor)
  • Mail and newspapers brought in each day
  • Care and feeding of aquariums and smaller caged pets

When Do You Need a Pet Sitter?

Going out of town?

Many Portland Pet Sitters offer visits for when you need to leave town for business or pleasure. A pet sitter will come to your home and care for your pets while you’re away. Your pet sitter will follow your pet care routine as closely as possible, including feeding, watering, exercising and administering any medication your pets might need. Pet Sitters also provide basic home care services while you’re gone such as bringing in the newspaper, flyers and mail, watering plants, alternating lights, adjusting blinds and setting out or taking in trash, yard debris, and recycling.

Working long hours?

Life too hectic & full of to-do lists? Let a daily dog walker take the pressure off! Many Portland Pet Sitters offer midday exercise for energetic dogs of all ages that live in the Portland Metro area! Walking your dog is more than just a relief trip for your dog… it is exercise, adventure, and a chance to socialize.

Added comfort needed?

Some Portland Pet sitters offer overnight stays to give your pet all the benefits of vacation visits, with the added companionship and security for your pets throughout the night