Prepare Pets and Home for your Pet Sitter

A few tips on how to prepare for your trip, making things easier on both your sitter and your pet.

Pet proof your home by putting away anything that may be harmful if ingested, such as poisonous plants or any toys that may cause a choking hazard.

Ensure all of your doors are locked and all pets are safely inside. If any windows are left open, check the screens to make sure they are securely in place.

Please let your pet sitter know if anyone will be in your home during your absence.

Let your pet sitter know of any cooling or heating instructions.

If you would like your pet sitter to bring in your mail, remember to leave out your mailbox key (if required), or leave a mail key on file with your sitter.

woman feeding dog

Close off any rooms where you don’t want your pet to enter, but also allow them into areas where they are comfortable (such as your bed). It’s also a great idea to leave an article of your clothing on your bed or couch to comfort them.

Please leave the phone number where you can be reached along with the name and phone number of a family member, neighbor or friend who your sitter may need to contact if an emergency situation or bad weather prevents your pet sitter from being able to get to your home. This person also should be able to make decisions on your behalf for your pets or your home. Please notify your pet sitter by phone or email when you have arrived home safely. And of course, call your pet sitter with any questions or concerns!

Be sure to let your sitter know who your veterinarian is, and if your pet has any medical problems, or has recently had medical issues.

If you already have an established sitter, make sure you let your sitter know of any changes in your pets routine!

pug with leash