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Mary Kramer’s Pet Sitting LLC is the place the pups want to go for a good time! I’ve modeled my business after what I want for my own precious pups if I have to leave them behind briefly. If you really love your pup & are nervous about leaving them with someone, I am your sitter! Your pup will receive a high level of 24/7 low stress, loving tender care in a peaceful & nurturing environment. I am currently training to become a Fear Free Certified Pet Sitter Professional.
*Also care for and have extensive experience caring for cats and all manner of pocket pets including reptiles (cat care in your home only)
*Over 20 years experience working with dogs & a wide variety of other animal friends
*Been a paid pet sitter for 18 years/insured
* Dog/Cat CPR & First Aid Certified with a Refresher Course taken yearly
*Have a full pet first aid kit on hand at all times
*3000 square foot hard floored clean & sanitary home
*Lots of toys provided. All toys are washed weekly.
*Large spacious fully secured yard with toys & during the warmer months, wading pools
*Social dogs will be able to play for hours every day
*Shy dogs have a private area that they can hang out in
*All dogs receive continual attention & gentle touch & affection
*Yard is scooped at least daily, all hard outdoor surfaces areas are washed daily
*Flexible with drop off and pick up hours
*Specialize in & have extra training and experience caring for senior dogs including those with CCD, small dogs & puppies 🐶
*No size/weight restrictions
*Can administer medication including subcutaneous & express bladders
*All dog guest dogs drink filtered ionized 8.5 PH water when staying with me
*Kennel free, home style care (dogs, who use a kennel at home or for comfort are encouraged to bring one with them for their stay)
*Guest pups are given handmade organic latex dog beds to rest & relax on during their stay
*Have worked dog boarding and daycare professionally and been a kennel attendant volunteer with Greyhound Pets NW
*Also provide drop in care at your home
*Walks available on a limited basis
*All services including drop in care & walks include fun picture updates
*Many pups come just for a day of doggie play care

All pups cared for in my home must be up to date on Bordetella and basic vaccines (vaccine record required), flea free, reasonably clean, have no unaddressed health problems including pain that’s not being treated with proper pain relief, not an excessive barker, never been truly aggressive with humans or other pups (doesn’t have to love other dogs), doesn’t fence jump and isn’t destructive. No unaltered males over 12 months (some exceptions made with an additional cost) No females in heat regardles of age or an extra $50 per day to accommodate (they are kept separate from other

I am unable to provide in my home care for any dog with a known history (including in the past) of biting or attempting to bite, chewing on furniture or being destructive and/or unable to to be handled without being aggressive. (Not including puppies, who chew on things) Please do not request care for a dog, who has displayed any of the above.

***I am unable to stay overnight at a client’s home***


Payment is requested at drop off.

Standard* overnight care: (24 hours)
🐕For one dog $40
🐕For two dogs $70
🐕For three dogs $100

Overnight care for special needs dogs including seniors who are incontinent or have CCD (dementia): (24 hours)
🐕 $60-$80 per dog, no multi dog discount

Overnight care for puppies under 6 months or not house trained if older than 6 months (24 hours)

Standard daycare, dogs over 6 months and house trained (up to 12 hours)
🐕$30 for one dog
🐕$50 for two

Daycare for puppies under 6 months and older puppies, not house trained

Daycare for special needs dogs and unaltered males over 12 months.

Drop in care (care at your home)
🐕Starting at $25 a visit

Holiday Pricing
🐕Ask for a quote

email me at

My cancellation policy-
*** When I lock in your date, that means I cannot accept a booking for one my few available spots from someone else and if you cancel I lose income needed to support my family.
Thank you for your understanding and respect of this policy***
***For overnight care I will request you pay 50% if you cancel without a 7 days notice in the summer and 5 days October-May. Unfortunately, if you don’t, I will not be able to rebook your pets again. Two cancellations for a new client or three cancellations for existing & regretfully, I won’t book your dog again regardless of the cancellation time
status unless you submit payment for the entire reserved stay.

*** Care for just the day is only guaranteed if pre paid. No refunds can be issued for missing one of your reserved days.

***Drop in care in your home- 4 days notice or a non refundable deposit of 50% will be required for any future cancellations. Three cancellations & regretfully, I won’t be able to book you again in the future.

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